Car inspection - everything you need to get your vehicle inspected in Tallinn

An inspection is one of the most important responsibilities of every driver to ensure a safe driving culture for all road users. Compulsory inspections of different vehicles are carried out regularly, but depend on the age and type of vehicle.


Car inspection - everything you need to get your vehicle inspected in Tallinn


Car inspection – take care of your vehicle

Checking is one of the most important responsibilities of every driver to ensure a safe driving culture for all road users. Compulsory inspections are carried out regularly for different types of vehicles, but depend on the age and type of vehicle.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of what vehicle inspections are, how they are carried out and how to successfully pass a mandatory inspection.

What is a vehicle inspection

A roadworthiness test is a compulsory procedure that every vehicle owner must undergo, depending on the age, type and characteristics of their vehicle. It is where the technical condition of vehicles is checked with the aim of minimising the damage to the environment caused by a damaged vehicle on the road and contributing to a safe road culture.

It is an essential step to ensure the accuracy of the data in the vehicle registration certificate and to refine the road register database.

Car inspection and other types of inspection

Inspections are often the point at which defects are discovered in a vehicle which, if left unattended, can prove either dangerous or extremely costly to rectify. The most well-known type of inspection is often the compulsory periodic inspection, but there are other reasons why an inspection is necessary.

Car inspection types

  • Regular mandatory inspection;
  • Regular mandatory inspections are usually carried out on a regular basis;
  • Periodic compulsory inspection
  • Regular or periodic inspections; special inspections, which include different categories such as:
    • regular inspections,
    • special inspections,
  • inspection of training vehicles,
  • emergency vehicle inspection,e
  • examination of the vehicle,
  • inspection of vehicles used for the transport of dangerous goods,
  • CEMT vehicle inspection.

How much does an inspection cost?

Car Inspection in Tallinn can be done at the Technical Inspection points in Tallinn and Peetri. Technoülevaatus offers its customers a fixed price service, for example, the most common vehicles are priced as follows:

  • Passenger car or M1 category vehicle starting from 38,95€;
  • The price for a van or a vehicle of category N1 starts at 48,95€;
  • Motorcycle, i.e. a vehicle in categories L3e, L4e, L5e and L7e, from €23.95,
  • Trailers, i.e. vehicles of categories O1 and O2, from €18.95;
  • ATV, i.e. vehicle of categories L7e and T5, from 23,95€;
  • Wheeled tractor or vehicle of category T from 23,95€.

However, if the inspection is about to take place and you need to book an inspection time, Technical Inspection offers a discount when you book on the website and pay for the service. As booking an inspection appointment on the website is quick and convenient, it saves both money and time. There is also a price list on the website with prices for all vehicle inspections.

How long does it take to carry out an inspection at the Technical Inspection points?

Inspections at Technical Inspection points are extremely quick. As the inspection points operate on several lines at the same time, it is possible to have a car inspected in Tallinn and Peetri in just 15 minutes. Even though the inspection takes a quarter of an hour, customers can relax in the waiting room, have a coffee and watch TV. There is also a view of the inspection room from the waiting room, which makes it possible to monitor your vehicle while it is being inspected.

How to have your vehicle inspected

Inspecting a car, as well as other vehicles, is an extremely simple process for the vehicle owner, most of which is left to the inspection point. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to simply arrive at the inspection point on time and submit the necessary documents for the inspection.

Where is the technical inspection carried out?

Vehicle or car inspections are carried out by authorised service providers, a list of which can be found on the Transport Administration’s website. Inspections of various vehicles, as well as of cars in Tallinn, can be carried out at Technical Inspection Points in Tallinn and in Peetri.

It is also important to mention that the vehicle inspection can be carried out regardless of the place of registration: for example, if the car is registered in Tartu, it is still possible to have it inspected in Tallinn. However, if the vehicle was subject to a repeated inspection, the repeated inspection must be carried out at the same inspection point where the vehicle was originally inspected.

The inspection of the car is about to expire, how do I proceed?

If your vehicle or car is about to expire, it is important to go to the inspection point as soon as possible. A roadworthiness test is a compulsory procedure for most vehicles and an invalid test can result in a fine of up to €200 for the driver.

If you discover that your vehicle is about to expire or has already expired, book an appointment at the nearest inspection point. Invalid inspections prohibit you from driving your vehicle unless you take the shortest route to the nearest repair shop, inspection point, Road Administration office or parking place.

However, if the technical inspection is still valid for a few days, the vehicle may be driven. However, it is advisable to have your vehicle checked before the critical time.

A roadworthiness test does not have to be a tedious process – book an appointment on our website 

Often, people’s busy lifestyles or laziness mean that they miss out on a timely technical inspection: every day is busy, and calling the inspection point and booking an appointment is a tedious chore. By contrast, the inspection of all vehicles, including cars, is an extremely convenient and quick process thanks to the Technical Inspection booking system.

By booking an appointment at a Technical Inspection point, you can find a time that suits you and pay for the service conveniently on the website, at a time that suits you. This way, you don’t have to take time out of your day to call the service point and ask for available times, but can conveniently book a time according to your preferences.

A discount on the price of the service applies to customers who book and pay for the service on the website.

How to successfully complete an inspection?

As the purpose of the inspection is to assess the condition of the vehicle and its compliance with the requirements, it is convenient for the driver to have the vehicle inspected the first time. In other words, it is sensible to correct any faults in the vehicle before the compulsory inspection. Correcting faults beforehand will help to ensure a successful inspection.

Carry out the vehicle inspection yourself

Although the mandatory roadworthiness test assesses the condition of the vehicle according to fixed standards and requirements, a pre-inspection will help the vehicle pass the test successfully. By carrying out a general inspection yourself before you go in for a roadworthiness test, you can eliminate any faults that may have occurred, which in turn will help to avoid the need for a repeat inspection.

Before your vehicle is inspected, check the following:

  • Car lights – are all lights in working order?
  • Check your lights are all on – are the engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid and brake fluid – are all fluids adequate and systems in good working order?
  • Tire wear – is the tread pattern of the tires of sufficient depth and tire pressure according to the norms?
  • Headlights, horn, mirrors – are all these parts of the vehicle in good working order, intact and in compliance with standards?
  • Seat belts – is the vehicle’s safety equipment in good working order and intact?
  • Vehicle bodywork – are there any dents or rust stains on the vehicle bodywork which could compromise the operation of the vehicle?

In addition to the above, a general assessment of the vehicle’s working order, the vehicle inspection includes a check of the mandatory accessories. To this end, we recommend that you be prepared to submit the following documents at the inspection point:

  • Driver’s identity document;
  • Car registration certificate.

Inspection and fire extinguisher

As mentioned above, a fire extinguisher is part of the vehicle’s accessories and must be checked regularly. Since the presence of a fire extinguisher in the vehicle is of vital importance, particularly in everyday traffic and to ensure safety, it is precisely the technical inspection that includes a check.

It is essential that the fire extinguisher is located in an easily accessible place in the vehicle, so that it is as easy as possible to reach and the extinguisher fastenings can be opened without the use of any tools.

Although the inspection does not include a check of the location of the fire extinguisher, for safety reasons we recommend that you check the location of the fire extinguisher in your vehicle. This will ensure that, should the extinguisher be needed, it can actually be used.

The technical inspection will primarily check the fire extinguisher’s shelf life, but the extinguisher will also be visually inspected to make sure it is in good working order. If the fire extinguisher inspection is problematic, a new extinguisher can be purchased from the Technical Inspection points.

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