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Vehicle inspection in Tallinn – FAQ

Vehicle roadworthiness tests are an important part of road safety, helping to ensure that all vehicles on the road meet the safety and environmental requirements. To help you prepare for the roadworthiness test and understand the processes involved, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

If you have any questions that are not covered here, please contact us – together we will find answers to your vehicle roadworthiness test questions.

What is a roadworthiness test?

A roadworthiness test is a procedure to check the technical condition and safety of a vehicle against the requirements. It is mandatory to ensure road safety and compliance with environmental standards.

How often do I have to have a roadworthiness test?

For new vehicles, the first roadworthiness test must be carried out after four years. After that, they must be inspected every two years. For older vehicles, the roadworthiness test must be carried out every year.

Where can I get a roadworthiness test?

Roadworthiness tests can be carried out at authorised and licensed inspection points throughout Estonia. You can find a list of official inspection points on our website – inspection points in Tallinn.

What is checked during the roadworthiness test?

A roadworthiness test checks a number of aspects, including the general condition of the vehicle, the braking system, lights, tyres, steering system and emissions.

How long does the roadworthiness test take?

Typically, a roadworthiness test with us takes around 15 minutes, but this can vary depending on the condition of the vehicle and the workload at the inspection points.

What if my vehicle does not pass the roadworthiness test?

If your vehicle fails the roadworthiness test, you will receive a detailed fault report. You will have to correct any defects identified and then have the inspection again.

Can I book a roadworthiness test online?

Yes, it is possible to book your roadworthiness test online at Profdiagnostik service stations. This is a convenient way to save time and avoid queues. start booking here –

Is roadworthiness testing compulsory for all vehicles?

Yes, roadworthiness tests are compulsory for all vehicles on the road, with a few exceptions such as temporarily immobilised vehicles.

When must a roadside check be carried out?

A roadworthiness test is necessary if the initial roadworthiness test reveals significant deficiencies. The roadworthiness test must be carried out within one month of its appointment. If the vehicle is due for a re-inspection later than one month, a full inspection will be carried out.

Where is the re-inspection carried out?

The re-inspection must be carried out at the same inspection point where the original inspection took place. The vehicle’s registration certificate and identity document must be presented at the inspection point. The vehicle may also be taken to the inspection point by a third party.

How to prepare for a re-inspection?

Any deficiencies identified during the original inspection should be corrected before the re-inspection. It is advisable to check the vehicle’s lights, windscreen, various fluids (oils, washer fluid, etc.), safety equipment (seat belts, audible alarm, etc.) and accessories (safety harnesses, fire extinguisher, safety knob, car pharmacy).

What faults can lead to a re-inspection?

Common faults that lead to the need for re-inspection include worn tyres, cracked windscreen, faulty lights and faulty safety equipment. Tyres should be season-appropriate and have adequate tread depth. The windscreen must be free of cracks and crazing that obstruct the driver’s view.

How long is the period of validity of the roadworthiness test?

The revalidation is temporary and will remain valid until the identified deficiencies have been corrected. If the re-inspection is carried out before the end of the current periodic inspection or up to 30 days after the end of the inspection period, only the defects previously identified will be checked. If more than one month has elapsed since the re-inspection was ordered, a full roadworthiness test will be carried out.

What do I need to bring with me to the roadworthiness test?

Please bring your vehicle registration certificate and a valid identity document.

Is there a fee for the roadworthiness test?

Yes, the roadworthiness test is a paid service. You can find the price list here – prices for roadworthiness tests.

Can I book a roadworthiness test online?

Yes, you can book your roadworthiness test via our website or by calling our customer service number. Start your booking from our online booking page –

How will I know when my vehicle is due for its next MOT?

The date of your next roadworthiness test is indicated on your vehicle registration certificate. In addition, we will send you reminders of upcoming roadworthiness tests by email or SMS if you have given your consent. Check the validity of your vehicle’s roadworthiness immediately in our booking environment –

Is a roadworthiness test also required for electric cars?

Yes, electric vehicles must also undergo a roadworthiness test to ensure their safety and environmental compliance.

Can I have a roadworthiness test before the deadline?

Yes, a roadworthiness test can be carried out up to 3 months before the deadline. An earlier inspection will give you more time to address any potential problems.

Is a roadworthiness test also necessary for trailers?

Yes, trailers that are registered and have a gross vehicle weight exceeding 750 kg must also undergo a roadworthiness test.

Is there any exemption from the roadworthiness test?

Exemptions from the roadworthiness test apply to some categories of vehicles, such as museum vehicles. For more information, please contact our customer service.

How can I give feedback on the roadworthiness test service?

Feedback is very important to us. You can give feedback via our website or by sending an e-mail to our customer service department.


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