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Roadworthiness test - Periodic Technical Inspection of vehicles

The increase of road traffic and thereby the risks and increase in pollution that arise from it can lead to serious road safety problems.

The wrong setting and insufficient maintenance damages not only the engines of vehicles but also the environment, causing greater pollution. A vehicle that does not comply with roadworthiness requirements may contribute to the likelihood of road accidents.

The purpose of checking the roadworthiness of vehicles is to ensure such technical condition of the vehicle that is safe for traffic and has a lower impact on the environment, in addition to ensure the veracity of the data given on the registration certificate and in the traffic registry.

Additional information about the content of the inspection and precise description of the inspection types can be found from regulation No. 77 “Conditions and procedure of checking the compliance of a motor vehicle and its trailer with the roadworthiness requirements”, which was issued by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communication of Estonia.

Vehicles that are necessary to submit for inspection in PTI of vehicles station

Motor vehicles, which must have valid regular periodical inspection:

  • passenger cars and vans (M1, N1 category vehicles);
  • trucks (N2, N3 category vehicles);
  • buses (M2, M3 category vehicles);
  • trailers (O1, O2, O3, O4 category vehicles);
  • motorcycles (L3e, L4e, L5e, L7e category vehicles);
  • tractors, mobile machinery and their trailers.

The following vehicles must not be submitted for regular periodic inspection:

  •  mopeds (L1e, L2e category vehicles);
  • light four-wheeled vehicles  (L6e category vehicles);
  • off-road vehicles e.g. ATV, snow mobile (MS1, MS2 category vehicles);
  • agricultural mobile vehicles (note on the registration certificate “põllumajanduslik liikurmasin”).

The owner or authorised user of the vehicle must ensure that the vehicle complies with the roadworthiness requirements.

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